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George Nasiotis

3d artist
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About :
Location : Turin Area (Italy)
Status : Looking for a Job
Working-Visa : Europe
My name is George Nasiotis and i am a 3d artist. I have 5 years of experience, I am from Greece and recently relocated in Turin. I am a proactive team player, looking always to create cool things and learn something new. Trough my experience i grew my skills in a variety of fields. I have worked in 2 published game titles (links are in my C.V.) doing mainly rigging and animation and secondary modeling and texturing. The last 2 years except for games, i started working in 3d scanning and photogrammetry, for museums and companies' products. There, I developed more my skills in modeling (Low and high poly), texturing and sculpting, and also got technical experience with 3d scanning programs. My skills in animation vary from doing my own animations,(humanoid, quadrupeds, beasts, wings, vehicles) to clean up and use motion capture data. My rigging skills include custom rigs of humanoid and creature characters with facial animation (morph targets, bones or both), multiple limps and wings . I can rig vehicles and and prop with custom attributes to made them more “animation friendly”. animation tools like CAT and biped in 3ds max is something I can use also if needed. My low poly modeling skills are in a professional level too, and my big plus is that I can manage 3d scans and photogrammetry data to recreate and retopologise assets and characters with animatable topology. Also i have experience with unity, i have worked with mecanim and i have a good understanding of the limits and restrictions there. I have also worked with environments there and i know how to setup considers, materials,particles and lighting, i have also worked with oculus making a metro station for VR. In my own projects I love to work with particles, fluids and simulations, but the market in Greece didn't gave the chance to work professionally in that field. One of my big plus as a candidate is that I am very adaptive in new technologies and software, and I am open to learn anything new to add it in my work-flow. I am the kind of person that never put boundaries to what is his responsibility and never do anything outside of it.
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